About us

Transmission details for the industry

We are experts and problem solvers. An innovation company that designs and manufactures technically advanced gears, drive shafts and custom gears for well-known global brands.

Everything is gathered under the same management, in two modernly equipped and complementary factories in southern Sweden. Our process technology, production chain and products are documented and certified to meet all industry standards and requirements.

As a manufacturing partner, we also offer our customers unique cutting-edge expertise through our experienced and dedicated research and development team. Together with our clients, we develop everything from product-specific quality improvements to completely new and customized solutions.

We offer a complete solution – from idea to finished product, including packaging and delivery worldwide. Through the combination of knowledge in both design and production, very efficient and optimized solutions are offered every time, regardless of whether our assignment is about a smaller or high-volume series.

In constant development

For us, the concept of constant development is central. We are at the forefront of new technologies and continuously invest in staff training and new machines to meet tomorrow’s needs for products. By actively participating in conferences and projects, together with universities and technology clusters, we develop new and important future products.

For us, it is a lodestar to help our customers to constantly develop in their respective markets.

We are located in Liatorp in Älmhult municipality, 40 km southwest of Växjö and Sibbhult, 20 km southeast of Osby. Read more about our factories here .

Our customer promise

Our customer promise is that wherever power and movement are switched up, down or transmitted mechanically, we can be a production partner with certified manufacturing, packaging and logistics solutions.

Our business idea

With high competence and innovative solutions in transmission, Swepart will be a leading development and manufacturing partner with a focus on technically advanced gears, drive shafts and custom gears.


In 1945 The two brothers Axel and Bertil Bengtsson start their engineering shop in Hultaberg in the South of Sweden. Their business idea is to manufacture screw-vices, brass-spindles and hydraulic equipment. In 1956 the business expands and the company moves to Liatorp – where Swepart still has its head office and one of their factories.

Get in touch with us

Do you have any questions or concerns about us or our services? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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